Kwan must read a book that is 400 pages long. He reads at a rate of one page per minute. If he begins reading on a Saturday and he reads one-half hour every day until he finishes the book, on what day of the week will he finish the book?

 Jun 18, 2020

If he reads one page per minute, it takes him 400 minutes to finish. Half an hour has 30 minutes. It would take 400/30 days to finish. That equals 13 1/3 days. WHich means it takes 14 days to finish

Figure out which day it is on your own. cheeky

 Jun 18, 2020
edited by amazingxin777  Jun 18, 2020

half hour = 30 minutes so 400/30 = 13.33333333... so it takes 14 days


14 days after Saturday is Saturday since 14/7 is a integer.


so the answer is Saturday.

 Jun 18, 2020

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