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Eli has 130 key chains. He keeps 10 key chains for himself, then shares the rest equally among his friends. Each friend then has 24 key chains.

a) Write an equation you can solve to find how many friends were given key chains.

b) Solve the equation by inspection, then by systematic trial. Which method was easier to use? Explain your choice.

 Jan 7, 2018
edited by Guest  Jan 7, 2018
edited by Guest  Jan 7, 2018

a)   24F  =  (130 - 10)


b) By inspection...I see that the right side evaluates to  120....and I know that 24 divides 120 five  times.....so...there are 5 friends


By.....systematic trial.....we could plug 1,2,3,4 and 5   in for F  and find that 5 would work 


The second method is easier, in my opinion, if you don't happen to see that 24 divides 120



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 Jan 7, 2018

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