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1) The graph of the parametric equations x= 2-3t, y= -1+5t is a line. What is the slope of this line? 


2)Find the value of c such that the point (3,c) is on the graph of the parametric equations \(x = 6 + 2t, y = -2 - 5t\)


3)At what point does the graph of the parametric equations x = 3-2t, y= -2 + 5t, intersect the graph of the parametric equations x = -1+3s, y=5-9s?

 Nov 10, 2019

i aint doing the homework for you.


if you want answers, 


reply with what you THINK the answers are so we know that you actually TRIED.

 Nov 10, 2019



1) I first tried for the equation x=2-3t that if I added 8t to both sides of the equation. I would then get x+6 = 5t, so when I subsitute that in for y=-1+5t. so then I get y = 5+x. So the slope of the line should be one since slope in this equation should be the coeffecient of x then the slope should be 1? But it isn't


2) For 2 I graphed both the equations on desmos and I couldn't find any points for the x value of c. I don't know if i am graphing it correctly


3) Again, I struggle with graphing these equations so I tried graphing it on desmos once again and it didn't work out. I just need help with finding out how to correctly graph these equations

Guest Nov 10, 2019

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