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The graph of the parabola defined by the equation y=-(x+1)^2+1 is shifted 1 unit to the right, then shifted 5 units down, then rotated 180 degrees about its vertex. The resulting parabola has zeros at x=a and x=b, where \(b\ge{a}\). What is b-a?



I need help. PLZ. 

 Aug 11, 2019

Here I have built the graph for you.

You can work it out from the picture.




You should learn to use Desmos graphing calculator. It is a brilliant tool!  

Plus it is free and not hard to use.

 Aug 11, 2019
edited by Melody  Aug 11, 2019

THX I never figured out how to use the desmose graphing calculator. but THX for the help. 

 Aug 11, 2019

It is worth presevering with. 

Desmos really is not that hard and you can use it to help you learn and to check your answers.

You do have to know what equation to put in of course.


If you want to move a graph left (neg direction) by 3 units you replace x with x+3       (it will move in the neg direction)

If you want to move a graph right (pos direction) by 4 units you replace x with x-4


If you want to move a graph up 5 units you replace y with y-5

If you want to move a graph down 6 units you replace y with y+6


It is that simple!

Melody  Aug 11, 2019

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