Help I don't understand geometry that much since i never took it. 

ladiikeiii  Sep 2, 2018

a) The volume formula for a rectangular prism is \(wlh\). To solve this, we can get \((14)(18)(24.5) = 6174\) in3.


b) In order to find how many hinches high the tank is with \(21\) gallons of gasoline, we have to find how much cubic inches of gasoline we have. We can get this from doing \(21*231 = 4851\). Now, we can get an equation to solve for \(x\), the height of the gasoline. We can write the equation as \((18)(24.5)(x)=4851\). By solving the equation, we can get \(x = 11\) inches.


- Daisy

dierdurst  Sep 2, 2018

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