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Image is question pls help

 Feb 13, 2019

OK mclovin....these are all the same...just different numbers

equation 2 says that   y = 2+x       Put that in equation 1     solve for x    then use this value of x in one of the equations to find y

try it   cheeky

 Feb 13, 2019

1. Multiply second equation by 2





2. Use elimination to cancel the y's




3. Now its your turn


Solve the equation for x, plug it back in one of the equations, then you get your answer.


(I want you to do it yourself so you learn)

 Feb 13, 2019

i think the answer might be -6  and -4

Mclovin123  Feb 13, 2019

You can plug your answer into both equations and check if they are true.

CalculatorUser  Feb 13, 2019

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