Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for my poor writing in English.

My problem is the following: I work in a textile factory, and we have standard (how many pieces a day we have to make to the efficiency was 100%).
The person responsible for calculating the standard and our efficiency does not want to give us the formula, so we must try to figure it out for ourselves.

For example:
We need 377 pieces for 100% fulfillment.
But we made 400 pieces.
The person who calculates efficiency got a score of 126.41%.
Can anyone understand how she was able to get this result?

The formula should be as follows:
400 is the number of pieces we made.
81 is the number of pieces we need to make.
510 is the number of minutes per day (8.5h)
30 is a breakfast break
15 is a cigar break.
100% is maximum efficiency.
So of the 510 minutes spent at work, we lose 45 minutes on breaks.
(400 * 81) / {510 - (30 +15)} * 100% = result

 Feb 20, 2020

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