104.71x= 2.5

Guest Mar 8, 2017

This is a simple equation in which we must solve for X. All we must simply do is isolate X on one side of the equation. We see that the equation is 104.71x = 2.5. To isolate X, we simply will divide both sides by 104.71(remember that we must divide on both sides to keep the equation equal. It is like a balance scale. We must take the same amount of weight off from both sides for it to stay balanced). That means we have this- 104.71x / 104.71= 2.5/104.71.


Now that we have divided the left side by 104.71, we see 104.71/104.71=1. That leaves the left with 1x, or x. Now we have x=2.5/104.71. Now we simply divide.

2.5/104.71 = 0.0238754655715786


Now we see that x=0.0238754655715786.

JBDBIBBaerman  Mar 8, 2017

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