Evelyn during one month had 63 online transactions and 4 e-mail money transfers. Evelyn's monthly balance fell below $2000 various times during the month. What were her service charges for that month? The account information is given below


Up to 20 online transactions for $9.50 per month and $0.50 for each transaction over 20

$3.50 for each e-mail transfer

online transactions are free if a minimum balance of $2000 is kept for the entire month

 May 7, 2018
edited by Sierra_Dawn  May 7, 2018

Since Evelyn violated her agreement of maintaining a balance of $2,000 for the entire month, she therefore will get charged for all the online and e-mail transactions.

She will pay $9.50 for the first 20 online transactions.

63 - 20 =43 transactions for which she will pay $0.50 for each

43 x $0.50 =$21.50

4 x $3.50   =$14.00 - charges for e-mail transfers.

$9.50 + $21.50 + $14.00 =$45.00 total charges for the month that Evelyn will have to pay.

 May 7, 2018

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