Megan is jealous of her older sister's a by b inch Zac Efron poster, so she cuts out a rectangle around his face, which has dimensions (a/2)-2 by (b/3)-5, and steals it. Megan's older sister decides she's over Zac Efron anyways, and uses the rest of the paper as wrapping paper. She wraps an 11-inch cube, wasting no paper, and has 3 square inches leftover. If a and b are integers and b>a, and the difference between the length and width of the poster is less than 50, find the dimensions of the poster. Express your answer as the ordered pair (a,b).

xXxTenTacion  Jul 21, 2018

Area of a cube =6S^2, where S = Side length.
Area of cube =6 x 11^2
 [(a/2)-2] * [(b/3)-5] =a*b - [6*11^2 + 3] , solve for a, b
b = -(3 (5 a - 1478))/(5 a + 4), and (5 a + 4) cannot =0, 
a =22 and b=36

Guest Jul 21, 2018

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