At a cafeteria, Mary orders two pieces of toast and a bagel, which comes out to $3.15. Gary orders a bagel and a muffin, which comes out to $3.50. Larry orders a piece of toast, two bagels, and three muffins, which comes out to $8.15. How many cents does one bagel cost?

 Jul 26, 2023

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One bagel costs 155 cents.


This question is solved using a system of equations.

I am going to say that:

x is the cost of a toast.

y is the cost of a bagel.

z is the cost of a muffin.


Two pieces of toast and a bagel costs $3.15.

This means that 

Since we want to find the cost of a bagel, we write x as a function of y, so:


A bagel and a muffin costs $3.30.

This means that:

Since we want y:


Piece of toast, two bagels and three muffins cost $9.15.

This means that:

We have x and z as functions of y, so:


In cents, one bagel costs 100*1.55 = 155.

 Jul 26, 2023
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