what is 5/8y=4 3/4 and -5 3/4 +x=(-3 1/2)



What is 2/3 divided by 14 


 Daniel filled the gas tank in his car with 18.2 gallons of gas he drove 373.7 miles before filling his gas again. Daniel wants to build an equation to figure out the miles per gallon


provide me with work as well

Guest Nov 28, 2018
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1) Simplify \(4\dfrac{3}{4}\)   to  \(\dfrac{19}{4}\), and we have our equation  \(\dfrac{5}{8}y = \dfrac{19}{4}\). By multiplying both sides by  \(\dfrac{8}{5}\), we have \(y = \dfrac{38}{5}\)


Simplify \(-5\dfrac{3}{4}\) to \(-\dfrac{23}{4}\) and \(-3\dfrac{1}{2}\) to \(-\dfrac{7}{2}\), and we have our equation \(-\dfrac{23}{4} + x = -\dfrac{7}{2}\).  By adding \(\dfrac{23}{4}\) to both sides, we have \(x = \dfrac{9}{4}\) or \(x = 2\dfrac{1}{4}\). (\(-\dfrac{7}{2}\) --> \(-\dfrac{14}{4}\), \(\dfrac{-14 + 23}{4} = \dfrac{9}{4}\))


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PartialMathematician  Nov 28, 2018

2) 2/3 divided by 14 is basically\(\dfrac{\dfrac{2}{3}}{14}\). If we multiply the numerator and denominator by \(\dfrac{\dfrac{1}{14}}{\dfrac{1}{14}}\), we have \(\dfrac{2}{3} \cdot \dfrac{1}{14} = \dfrac{1}{21}\)

PartialMathematician  Nov 28, 2018

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