football.girl.40  Apr 11, 2017

Well.....tt's a little hard to tell.....but one side of the deck  =  sqrt(140) =  2sqrt(35) ft.


So.....the total perimeter is  4 *2sqrt(35) ft  = 8sqrt(35) ft


Under the first option only 1/2 of the perimeter of the deck needs to have railings  =  2 * 2sqrt(35) ft  =



Under the second option, 3/4 of the perimeter needs to have railings  =  3 * 2sqrt(35) ft  = 6sqrt(35) ft


So......the first option is better......and the minimum length needed is 4sqrt(35) ≈ 47.33 ft



cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 11, 2017

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