Im trying to solve these but the answer i keep coming up with isnt one of the multiple choice? I feel dumb lol

 Mar 15, 2021

for the first question (question 20):


you can simplify fractions by dividing the numerator and the denominator by the same number / term. 


first, i divided bc from both the numerator and the denominator, leaving me with a result of:

7b + 14 / 7


then, i divided 7 from both the numerator and the denominator -

b + 2 / 1.


so, your final simplified result is b + 2.



and similarily, for the next question (question 19), you can do the same thing.


first i divided from both sides, resulting in:

4t + 4 / 2


then i divided both sides by 2 -

2t + 2 / 1.


your final result is 2t + 2, or 2(t + 1) - the third option.


as you get more proficient, you can simply simplify the fractions in one step (for example, dividing by 2t all at once instead of having to do it in two steps). 


hope this helped! please let me know if you are still confused smiley

 Mar 15, 2021
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