1. Medians $\overline{AX}$ and $\overline{BY}$ of $\triangle ABC$ intersect perpendicularly at point $O$. We know the lengths $AX = 12$ and $BC = 4\sqrt {13}$. Find the length of the third median, $CZ$. (Is not: 200 or 4sqrt22)

2. As shown in the diagram, $\overline {AD}, \overline {BE},$ and $\overline {CF}$ are concurrent. We know that $CD=CE=BF=4$ and $BD=AF=6$. What is $AE?

$ (Is not: 16/9)

 Nov 27, 2019

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Also, for number 1. This is how far I got.


Using the properties of a median through a centroid, I found OB through pythagorean theorem


I also found AO through median properties


Notice that AOB is a right angle through supplements.


I you used pythagorean theorem to find AB?


Notice triangles AOB and ZOB are similar.


Since it is a median, we know that the triangles ZOB and AOB are in a ratio of 1:2, respectively. I also know the area of AOB because base and height are known.


So, how would I find OZ?

 Nov 27, 2019

For number 2.


You have to use similar triangles.


Sorry I ran out of time gotta go angry


also, why is "help me please" in the top of Sticky Topics?

 Nov 27, 2019

1. CZ = sqrt(16^2 - 8^2) = 8 sqrt(3).


2. AE = (6 - 4*4)*3/2 = 15/2.

 Nov 27, 2019

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