What is 19/15 in simplest form? And i also need help on how many times does 21 go into 62 

Guest Sep 16, 2017
edited by Guest  Sep 16, 2017

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15 goes into 19 once and you have 4 left over, so 1 and 4/19 is answer


how i do the second one is double the first number, is that over the second, no then tripple it.

so 21+21 is 42, still smaller, 42+21 is 63, that went over so 42 is the biggest whole number part and it went 2 times.

what is left over between 42 and 62, you can subtract if you can not do it in your head.

62-42=20, so the answer is it goes in 2 times with 20/21 left over, so the final answer is

2 and 20/21

Guest Sep 17, 2017

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