A highschool is having a talent contest and will give different prizes for the bst 5 acts in the show. First place wins the most money, and each place after that wins $50 less than the previous place.


How would you create a model that could be used to determine the total amount of prize money, based on the value of the first place prize?


Thank you in advance. :) 

 May 9, 2021

The money amounts form an arithmetic sequence with d = -50 dollars

the SUM of an arithmetic sequence is given by    Sn=n(a1+an)/2    where in this case , n = 5   and a1 is the amount given to 1st place and an would be 5thplace (which is $200 less)

   so     SUMof prize money = 5(1stplaceamount + 1stplaceamount - 200) /2      you can simplify this to

                Sum = 5 (2*1st -200)/2

                         = 5 *1st - 500            dollars

 May 9, 2021

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