Zoe wants to buy two pairs of jeans. The jeans at the mall cost $35 and are on sale for buy one pair, get the second pair half off. The same jeans are on sale at a local boutique for 20% off the regular price of $38 plus an additional $10 off purchases over $50. Which is the better buy?

 Jan 21, 2022

To buy 2 pairs of jeans from the first option it would cost 35$ + 35/2$ = 52.5$ 


The second option gives you a 20% discount from 38$, which 1 pair of jeans would now be 30.4$. To buy the second pair you multiply 30.4$ by 2, costing 60.8$, but then you have to subtract 10$ because the purchase over 50$ is a 10$ discount. So to buy 2 pairs of jeans from the second option would cost 50.8$


The second option is 1.7$ cheaper than the first option, so the second option is a better buy.



smiley da jeans r expensive $$$

 Jan 23, 2022

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