What is the length of an arc with a central angle of 5/4pi radians and a radius of 34cm? Use 3.14 for pi. Round to nearest hundredth of necessary 

Guest Apr 27, 2017

Once around a circle is equal to 2pi radians.

Since you want only 5/4pi, the portion of the circumference of the circle that you want is (5/4pi)/(2pi) which, when reduced is 5/8.

The circumference of a circle is found by:  C  =  2·pi·r

So the full circumference of the circle is:     C  =  2·pi·34  =  68·pi

Since you want only 5/8ths of the circumference, your answer is (5/8)·68·pi.

Now, use a calculator to find your answer.

geno3141  Apr 27, 2017

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