Okay, so im doing an Ixl on experimental probability. Everything was going fine, until i started getting questions wrong for adding when i wasn't supposed to. But keep in mind here there isn't exactly a plus sign telling you when to add. Apparently, your supposed to go off of your head. But it doesn't make sense to me, because i get questions wrong and on Ixl it takes you from a 80 to a 78 just for getting one question wrong. My teacher said I have to get at least 90. To make it even worse, im on a time crunch because im trying to finish the school year (its the last week of school) with honor roll like I do every semester. So my question is:


How do you know when to add for experimental probability?smiley

Guest Jun 12, 2017

Do you have a specific question that you have to answer? It might be easier to help work through one of the problems you have to do.


I am not very good at probabilities myself, but I am sure someone else on here can help... smiley

hectictar  Jun 12, 2017

Thank you. Its this one. Of the balloons recently sold by a party store, 3 were green and 9 were other colors. What is the experimental probability that the next balloon sold will be green?

Simplify your answer and write it as a fraction or whole number.

P(green) = 

Guest Jun 12, 2017


If12 were sold and 3  were green.....then  P(green)  =  3 / 12  =  1 / 4



cool cool cool 

CPhill  Jun 12, 2017
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