The length of a rectangle is shown below:

On a coordinate grid from negative 6 to positive 6 on the x-axis and on the y-axis, two points A and B are shown. The point A is on ordered pair 1, 3, and the point B is on ordered pair negative 3, 3. A straight line joins the points A and B.

If the area of the rectangle to be drawn is 20 square units, where should points C and D be located, if they lie vertically below the line that connects B and A, to make this rectangle?

 Mar 14, 2019
edited by Nickolas  Mar 14, 2019

If you put A and B on a graph, you can easily see that they are 4 units apart. Let's call the length of CB and/or DA x. Using the area formula for a rectangle, we have 4 * x = 20. Divide both sides by 4, and we get x = 5. So the points need to be at (-3, -2) and (1, -2). You can also do this by figuring out x, then subtracting x from the y coordinates. 


Hope this helps!

 Mar 14, 2019

Thankyou amazing so much thanks I am having these hard times on some of these questions thanks so much for the help sicerilly. 

Nickolas  Mar 14, 2019

No problem! I'm glad I can help!

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