How do you solve this it's hard


When it rains, every student in Margo's school brings a raincoat, an umbrella, or both.  And 10% of the students bring both.  The total number of umbrellas brought is equal to twice the number of raincoats.


What percent of the students bring an umbrella only?  Explain your solution in complete sentences.

 Apr 24, 2023

First, we can eliminate the percent of students who brought both: 100-10=90


Then, we can solve for the percentage of the students bringing an umbrella only


We can see that number of umbrellas compared to raincoats is 2:1

So, we can turn the amount of raincoats into a fraction then solve the problem!

The fraction is: 2/3 because we do 2+1=3 for how we are going to divide the rest 90% into


Finally, we do 90x2/3=60% for the final answer!

 Apr 25, 2023

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