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Will the help pages be updated soon? Or will they just stay the same as just like one example without an explanation?


Just wanted to know, and thank you! This site has proven to be extremely helpful for me. 



p.s. especially looking forwards to anything about ellipses or complex numbers! :)

 Dec 28, 2018

Hi Noobie,

Welcome to the forum, I am pleased that you have made an account.   laugh


The explanations pages are not likely to change anytime soon.  (it is a pity)


If you have specific queries you can ask on the forum. 

If you make a good impression here you will be well answered :)

 Dec 28, 2018

Oh ok! Thanks so much for the clarifications Melody. 


And yes, I'll make sure to leave a good impression! :'D

noobieatmath  Dec 28, 2018

Well noobie, you are off to a good start   laugh

Melody  Dec 29, 2018

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