Every morning at summer camp, one of the campers has to hoist the camp flag to the top of the flagpole.

For each graph below, describe the action of the flag raiser that might have led to this graph that shows the height of the flag as a function of time. Is any situation more realistic than another? Why or why not?

 Nov 29, 2017

(a)  They raised the flag at a steady rate the whole time.


(b)  They raised it quickly at first then as it got higher they slowed down.


(c) They raised it then lowered it a little then raised it then lowered it a little over and over. Maybe the flag falls down a tiny bit after each time they raise it.


(d) They raised it slowly at first, then faster.


(e) They raised it slowly, then really fast, then slow again.


(f) They raised the entire thing in 0 seconds, in one instant. Also that means the flag was at all of the different heights at the same time.


The most realistic one might be  c , or it could be  e  ...?

 Nov 29, 2017
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DarkCalculis  Nov 29, 2017

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