Is taxation theft? I mean, it really seems like it. What makes you think that you deserve to take away some of the money I worked for? I didn't consent to it.

Guest Apr 27, 2017

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Taxes are basically paying to live in this country. You consent to it just like you consent to giving your money when you purchase a coke from the grocery store. Just in this case, you are purchasing the protection that comes with residing in the country. You are also purchasing the use of roads and things like that. And taxes are purchasing the opportunity to put your kid in school, and also purchasing some protection in case you end up broke on the streets.


I certainly do not approve of what all the government does with the taxes, but it is a compromise.


If you don't want to pay any taxes, maybe you can find some island in some remote location that isn't claimed. Or start a revolt or something. But I don't reccommend the latter. smiley

hectictar  Apr 27, 2017

Can we not just privatize things like roads and schools? I was born here. That wasn't my choice. I got a job and worked for money. Why does the government just start taking money from my paychecks? Maybe I do want some tax money to pay for schools, but I don't want it to pay for bombs that k**l innocent people I've never met. There's a big difference between voluntaryily handing over my money for a product I agreed to purchase and having it stolen from me and used for things I have no say in.

Guest Apr 27, 2017

but I don't want it to pay for bombs that k**l innocent people I've never met.


Really! How civil of you! Is it OK to pay for bombs to killl innocent people you have met? 


Maybe our bombs are designed to killl guilty people you haven’t met, or have but don’t know it. They are guilty of making bombs used for killling innocent people that you haven’t met, and some that you have. Life is soooooooooo complicated!

Guest Apr 27, 2017

I honestly do like the idea of privatizing roads and schools..

And I really dislike how the government automatically takes money from people's paycheck...because it hides the magnitude of how much money they really do take...


But like I said, it is a compromise. Maybe Coca-Cola uses some of their money to do things I disapprove of, but I still purchase it because the positives outweigh the negatives. (Coke is probably a really bad example here...)


But, at least in the US, you do have some say in what the government uses its money for. You can vote  on the people you want in office to make decisions. And you also have the choice to leave and try to find a better country. And you also have the choice to try to start a new one, like the South tried to do back in the ol 1800s...


But it definitely does seem like we don't have much say..but then again, we don't have that much say in Coca-Cola by choosing to buy or not buy a can of coke...it's just one vote out of a bunch.

Guest Apr 27, 2017

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