A material has a density of 8.9g/cm^3. You have six cubic centimeters of the substance. What is the material's mass in grams?


53 g

5.9 g

107 g

3.0 g


Conditions for an experimental chemistry reaction require a temperature of 300K. The temperature in the lab is 55dgF. Which  of the following must you do to meet the requirements? (dgF=9/5(K-273)+32)


decrease the room temperature by 12dgC

increase the room temperature by 18 K

decrease the room temperature by 33dgF

increase the room temperature by 26dgF


How many grams are in a 5 pound sample? 







Please help me, these are the only three questions that I am confused about, out of 20. Thanks!

Guest Sep 30, 2017

1)    Density = Mass / Volume

Mass = Volume x Density

Mass = 8.9  x  6

Mass =53.4 grams 


2)  The experiment must be done at the temperature of 300K.

300K - 273K(Absolute temp) =27 C - The Lab temperature must be very close to this =~300K

This temp. of 27C =[27 x 9/5] + 32 =80.6F. Since the Lab temp. is 55 F, then you must INCREASE the

Lab temp. by: 80.6 - 55 =25.6 =~26 F. 

Because: 26F + 55F =81F = ~27C = 300K.



1 Pound =453.5924  grams

5 x 453.5924 =2.268 x 10^3 grams.

Guest Oct 1, 2017
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