Aaron owns a shipping company. He plans to move into his new office which is near to the city Centre. He needs some filing cabinets to organize his files. Cabinet x which costs RM 100 per unit requires 0.6 square meters of the floor space and can hold 0.8 cubic meters of files. Cabinet y which costs RM 200 per unit, requires 0.8 square meters o the floor space and can hold 1.2 cubic meters of files  the ratio of the number of cabin x to the number of cabinet y is not less than 2:3 . Aaron has an allocation of RM1400 for the cabinets and the office has room for no more than 7.2 square meters


1. Write the inequalities which satisfy all the above constraints


2.using two different methods, find the maximum storage volume

The teacher haven't even teach this chapter yet but the project they gave us include this so please help me 

Guest Jun 7, 2015

This is a repost

original question is here



I saw this question before an I have earmarked it to come back to but i have not had time.  Sorry.

I still don't have time, maybe one of the other mathematicians would like to try it.  


You are encouraged to repost when you question has been sitting about for some time but please follow this guideline.



Otherwise we sometimes end up answering the same question more than once and we just do not have time for that :)

Melody  Jun 7, 2015

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