I need formulaconverted into two formulas


a) i = ????




b) n = ????

Tahu8100  Jan 24, 2018

There is a simpler-looking formulation for the "PMT" !! Here is the most commonly used:

PMT=PV. R.{[1 + R]^N / [1 + R]^N - 1}, where R = Interest RATE.


The "formula" you have doesn't make any sense!! The top "formula" will give you "zero" for an answer!! The bottom "formula" will give you the amount of a LOAN, if you know the payment!!.

Guest Jan 24, 2018
edited by Guest  Jan 24, 2018

FV (future value) is an importtant value that needs to be preserved. The top part of  the formula may be zero but not always.

the software it is going in has to solve for all values. i have 2/3 but cant figure out i and n

Tahu8100  Jan 25, 2018

I think it is better that you state what the problem, you are trying to solve, is and then we might be able to assist you. The top formula: PV - [FV/(1+i)^N] will always give you a zero, IF you are working on the same problem, because this part [FV/(1+i)^N] gives you PV!!. So, in essence, you are subtracting PV -PV =0 !!. If you are trying to write a code to solve for PV, FV, PMT, i, N, I may refer you to this online financial calculator, which not only can solve for any of the above 5 variables, but also provides the mathematical formulas programmed into it. Here it is: 


Guest Jan 25, 2018
edited by Guest  Jan 25, 2018

that website had the equations i was looking for

Tahu8100  Jan 30, 2018

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