Before factoring using ax2+bx+c, two other types of factoring should be tested.

a) Explain how these two types may simplify your work. 

 Feb 15, 2024

You can generally do the box method or the X method, with the multiples and the coefficients multiplying each other and then summing to get the B term: However, there are other couple notable methods for factoring quadratics:

For example, if you notice there is no B term, you can try difference of squares if c is negative

Another example is factor by grouping. You can do this by splitting up the B term into two different terms, and then take out the GCF of each group, and then using distributive property (but reversed).

For example: 2x^2 + 5x + 2.

2x^2 + 4x + x + 2

2x(x + 2) + 1(x + 2)

(2x + 1)(x + 2)


I hope you don't mean factoring as vertex form or expanded form... indecision

 Feb 15, 2024

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