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Engineers use the formula $L=\frac{25T^4}{H^2}$ to find the crushing load for square pillars. If $T = 4$ and $H = 8$, what is the value of $L$?

 Jul 23, 2019

L = 25 T^4 /  H^2

L = 25 (4^4) / (8^2)

L = 25 *4^4/(8^2) = 100        I do not know what the units are....You should be able to do these problems...all of the variables are given...just plug and play.

 Jul 23, 2019

Guest asker,

Since you are too lazy to delete the dollar signs and make your question readable I do not think you should bother enrolling in engineering.

I do not want to enter any building you design.  No Earthquake will be needed to induce that disaster.

 Jul 23, 2019

cheeky   THAT is funny!   I agree.....seems asker is in a bit over her/his head with this level of math !   ~EP

ElectricPavlov  Jul 23, 2019

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