In a triangle, the lengths of the three medians are 9, 12, and 15.  Find the length of the side to whcih the longest median is drawn.

 Dec 8, 2019

yay geometry!!


median 1=9

median 2=12

median 3=15


you know the three medians, and the medians meet at a point called the centroid. the centroid cuts up the median into a 2:1 ratio, so median 1's two lengths are 3 and 6, median 2's lengths are 4 and 8, and median 3's length's are 5 and 10.


it would also be helpful if you made a drawing! it would also also be helpful if you included your work or where your head's at with this problem so that i can figure out what to do :)

 Dec 8, 2019

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