Joe emptied his wallet at the end of his busy day. He had gone out with his friends and had spent some of the money he had been given for his birthday. When he emptied his wallet he found that all he had left were 2 five cent coins, 1 fifty cent coin, 1 twenty cent coin, 2 ten cent coins, 2 two dollar coins and 2 ten dollar notes. When he added up the money he realised that he had spent half of the amount of money he had started with that morning.
Joe had only spent money twice that day - $14.35 to get into the movies and some on lunch.
How much money did he spend on lunch that day?

 Sep 1, 2021

Adding up all the coins gives a total of 23 dollars.

He spent 23 dollars.

23 - 14.35 = 8.65

He spent 8.65 dollars on lunch that day.


*Sorry for the brief answer, I'm getting tired

 Sep 18, 2021

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