In this puzzle, the goal is to fill every empty square (including shaded squares) so that:

- Each square contains a positive digit (1-9). Digits may be reused.

- The percent next to a row gives the percent of the row sum contained in the shaded square of that row.

- The percent above each column gives the percent of the column sum contained in the shaded square of that column.


Solve the following percent puzzle, entering each square of the completed puzzle below.

 Sep 29, 2021

This was quite fun to solve.

I am not going to do the whole thing for you but I will give you a good outline.    laugh


I put a letter in each of the boxes

a,b,c    in the top row

d,e,f     in the second row

g,h,i     in the bottom row.


Now I looked just at the solutions for a


a=1/3(a+b+c)       and     a=3/4(a+d+g)


by simplifying these and looking at possible solutions

I determined the value for a,  d and g

and that b+c =12   which meant that both b and c had to be between 3 and 9. And c=12-b


I redrew the boxes with all the info that I just gleaned.


Next I looked at the two equations for e  and from those I get the value of e and f and I found that h=4-b


Last  I looked at the equations for i and finished the problem.


Finally I checked my answers and they all worked.

 Sep 29, 2021

Thanks, I was able to get an answer.

Correct too!

I really appreciate it. The answer was


 6 3 9

 1 8 7

 1 1 2 


Thanks for the help, it helped me understand how to solve it.


Guest Sep 30, 2021

You are very welcome.  laugh

Melody  Sep 30, 2021

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