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Carmelo is selling his hockey and baseball card collection. Hockey cards, x, sell for $0.03 and baseball cards, y, sell for $0.05. The number of hockey cards Carmelo sells is at least six times the number of baseball cards he sells. He has at most 525 cards to sell.

What is the maximum revenue he can make?







 Aug 31, 2018

Let x be the number of hockey cards he sells and y be the number of baseball  cards he sells ....so we have these inequalities


x ≥ 6y

x + y ≤ 525


And we wish to  maximize this objective  revenue function, R


R = .03x  + .05y


Here's the graph of the inequalities  :   https://www.desmos.com/calculator/h7qwjcc9g2


It can be shown that the max  revenue  occurs at the  corner point  (x, y)  = (450, 75)


So...the max revenue is  


.03(450) + .05(75)  =  $17.25



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 Aug 31, 2018
edited by CPhill  Aug 31, 2018

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