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At a given time of​ day, the ratio of the height of an object to the length of its shadow is the same for all objects. If a 33​-ft stick in the ground casts a shadow of 1.2ft, find the height of a tree that casts a shadow that is 14.16ft.

 Aug 30, 2017


We can use a proportion to solve this


Height of Stick                              =               Height of Tree

___________________                                ___________________

Length of Tree Shadow                                  Length of Tree Shadow



33                             =                        Height of Tree

__                                                       ___________

1.2                                                        14.16 


Multiply both sides by 14.16


33 (14.16) / 1.2  =   Height of Tree  = 389.4 ft   




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 Aug 30, 2017

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