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Jared is going at a consistent 200 mph using his car and reaches his friend's house in 5.25 minutes (unrealistic I know) using this data, figure out how many miles Jared drove to reach his friends house (use m for miles)

 Oct 11, 2019

Rate  x  time = distance      time = 5.25/60  of an hour


200 m/hr  x  5.25/60 hr =    ?

 Oct 11, 2019

17.5 miles, thanks, man.

 Oct 11, 2019

Since the formula (shown below) tells us that the distance travelled is the speed of the car multiplied by the time that is taken to drive the car to the destination. 

\(distance=speed\cdot time\)


The question states that Jared's speed is 200 mph and the time taken to drive is 5.25 minutes (5.25/60 hours).

This means all we have to do is substitute these numbers into the formula to get \(distance=200mph\cdot 5.25/60 h\)

After multiplying these numbers together, the final distance Jared travelled would be 17.5 miles.


 Oct 11, 2019

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