Suppose TIP and TOP are isosceles triangles. Also suppose that TI = 5 and PI = 7, and PO = 11.

What is the sum of all possible lengths for TO ?

Guest Nov 2, 2017

Got it. Was this what you originally meant?

Anyways, I need to know whether or not these 2 isosceles triangles are similar. If they are:

Do they have reflection or rotation symmetry? Without solving this, your answer is: 55/7+77/5 = 23.2571428 (numbers in italics are repeating).

I would be glad to give an explanation, but I'm pretty sure this is urgent.

helperid1839321  Nov 2, 2017

Yes, everything is the same but solving for TO instead. Thx so much. This is just part b so everything will be the same.

Guest Nov 2, 2017
edited by Guest  Nov 2, 2017

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