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A scientist recorded the movement of a pendulum for 10 s. The scientist began recording when the pendulum was at its resting position. The pendulum then moved right (positive displacement) and left (negative displacement) several times. The pendulum took 4 s to swing to the right and the left and then return to its resting position. The pendulum’s furthest distance to either side was 6 in. Graph the function that represents the pendulum’s displacement as a function of time.


Write an equation to represent the displacement of the pendulum as a function of time.

Graph the function.

 Feb 5, 2018

The amplitude  is 6


We can use the sine here...I'm assuming that the period is 4 seconds.....so each second is 


2pi / 4   =   pi/2  rads


So...we have this function


y = 6sin ( pi * t / 2)


Here's the graph :  https://www.desmos.com/calculator/scp4kbo1z4



cool cool cool

 Feb 5, 2018

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