I don't understand how to write in standard form. My teacher hasn't taught this yet so I am very confused. Please help and show work. Thanks!

 Feb 11, 2019

First one.....we write  the terms in descending powers of   m......so we have


4m^3 - 9 m^2 - m + 25     (cubic polynomial)


Second one  ...... same thing ....descending powers of k  ....so we have


(3/4)k^5  - (1/2)k^3       (quintic polynomial)


Third one.....this is a polynomial  in two variables

The form is     ax^2 + bxy + cy^2 + dx + ey + f 

So we have


-x ^2   -3xy  + 14y^2    (second power polynomial)


Last one.....nothing to be done.....there's no other way to write 9x  ( first degree polynomial )



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 Feb 11, 2019
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Sorry for interupting but I am extremly impressed with your math abilities its almost like you know it all XD are you already done with school and do this as a leisure to help people?

HiylinLink  Feb 11, 2019

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