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 Jan 3, 2018



Instead of using traditional methods such as actually solving the system of equations, you can actually use process of elimination quite easily here to determine the solutions. This is most likely faster than actually solving the system of equations.


There are two answers with the solution set of (-4,0), but this cannot be right since it does not satisfy the first equation. Therefore, the first and last option are already not correct. The numbers are so easy to work with that this is easy to see.


The third option has (0,-4), which does not satisfy the first equation either.


Therefore, the second answer choice must be correct. Wow, this solution involved minimal math.




The zeroes of the function means that y is set equal to 0.




Since the factors of the original polynomial are already given to us, simply set the factors equal to 0 and solve.


\(x-3=0\) \(x+2=0\) \(x-2=0\)
\(x=3\) \(x=-2\) \(x=2\)


These values for x correspond to third option choice listed.

 Jan 3, 2018

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