At Beaumont High School, there are 12 players on the baseball team. All 12 players are taking at least one of biology or chemistry. If 7 players are taking biology and 2 players are taking both sciences, how many players are taking chemistry?

Firewolf  Jun 20, 2018

Are the 7 players taking biology ONLY...or are the 2 players taking 'BOTH' included in this 7 count?

Unclear as how to proceed.....

ElectricPavlov  Jun 20, 2018

i believe the 2 players are included in the 7 people, so the answer would be 7

if the 2 players weren't included, then the answer would be 5

kevbamboo  Jun 20, 2018

See the Venn diagram below below:

2 players are taiking both sciences

5 are taking only Biology,  (B)

And 5 are taking only Chemistry, (C)




cool cool cool

CPhill  Jun 20, 2018

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