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The table of values shows the height of a pendulum from the floor over time as it swings back and forth in a simple harmonic motion. This can be modeled by a sinusoidal function.

Time (s)             Height (cm)

0                             5

0.25                       5.2

0.5                         5.4

0.75                        5.2

1                             5

1.25                       5.2

1.5                          5.4


Which statements are true?

Select each correct answer.


The period of the function is 5.4.

The frequency of the function is 1 .

The amplitude of the function is 0.4.

The period of the function is 1.

 Feb 20, 2019

I mean I am not to sure but I think it is (The period of the function is 5.4)


I see C-Phill is answering to so he will probally give you a acurate answer XD!



 Feb 20, 2019

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