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Can somebody help with this problem, please?

Nvm I solved it

I dont know how to delete questions

 Jul 16, 2019
edited by Davis  Jul 16, 2019
edited by Davis  Jul 16, 2019

I don't think any normal users can delete questions- I think only Mods or Admins can...

 Jul 16, 2019

Ok thanks for telling me

 Jul 16, 2019

Please do not delete your questions.  Someone could have been working on it.

Just make a new post saying that you have your answer, but also thank anyone who had already donated any of their time.


You could even give the final answer or an outline of how you solved it.

Maybe someone else will learn from you !

 Jul 16, 2019
edited by Melody  Jul 16, 2019

OK, I wont delete my stuff next time

Davis  Jul 17, 2019

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