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Write a system of equations to describe the situation below, solve using any method, and fill in the blanks.

An employee at a party store is assembling balloon bouquets. For a graduation party, he assembled 6 small balloon bouquets and 3 large balloon bouquets, which used a total of 144 balloons. Then, for a Father's Day celebration, he used 84 balloons to assemble 1 small balloon bouquet and 3 large balloon bouquets. How many balloons are in each bouquet?

The small balloon bouquet uses ___ balloons and the large one uses  ____ balloons.

 Jan 21, 2019

same thing as last one: 6s + 3l = 144 (1) and s + 3l = 84 (2).

now do (1) - (2) to get 5s = 60 so s = 12. plugging back in you can see that l = 24.


so the answer is

The small balloon bouquet uses 12 balloons and the large one uses 24 balloons.

 Jan 21, 2019


Guest Jan 21, 2019

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