Five girls are collecting shells on a beach. They are putting them in buckets that each hold 24 shells. At the end of the collecting time, they are going to ensure that they all have the same number of shells. Four of them are only two short of filling their bucket, but the youngest one is lagging behind with her total. Each of the others give her three shells from their buckets in order to equalize the numbers collected.How many shells did the youngest girl collect for herself?

 Mar 9, 2020

Each of the  four  must have 22 shells  in their baskets  before giving any away


After  giving the yougest one 3 shells....they each  have  19


Let  x  be  the  number  of shells  the  nuumber of shells she had in  her basket before  being given 3 shells by each of the other four




Number  she started with  +  4 (3)  = 19


Number she started with  + 12  = 19    subtract  12  from both sides


Number she started with  =  7



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 Mar 9, 2020

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