In isosceles right triangle  ABC, point D is on hypotenuse BC such that   AD is an altitude of ABC  and DC=5. What is the area of triangle  ABC?

Guest Nov 20, 2018

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PartialMathematician  Nov 21, 2018



An altitude drawn to the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle always bisects the hypotenuse

So   BD = CD

And  AD forms a geometric mean of  BD and CD


So....we have this relationship


BD / AD   = AD / CD         but BD = CD  ...so...


BD / 5 = 5 / BD


BD^2   = 25


BD    =  5


But BD is 1/2 of base BC

And AD is an altitude of ABC drawn to this base


So....the area of ABC   = (1/2)BC * AD   =  5 * 5    =   25 units^2



cool cool laugh

CPhill  Nov 21, 2018

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