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The net of a pyramid is shown below:

The surface area of the solid is ____ square inches.

 Feb 26, 2019

Your pic is not there Nickolas !!




the surface area is the area of all the sides added together.


If yours is a square pyramid, like the ones in egypt, then it will have a square bottom and 4 triangle sides.  (it might not be a square pyramid though.)


You have to find the height of the slant height first. That is tricky you will need to think hard and use pythagoras's Theorum.


Then you can find all the areas and add them together :)

 Feb 26, 2019

I will send you it 

Nickolas  Feb 26, 2019

More info from a message: 


The net of a square based pyramid, with base edges labeled 5 inches and the height of the triangle labeled 10 inches.

The surface area of the solid is ____ square inches.



10 inches is that the legth of the middle of the slopy triangle sides?   (Which is the height of the triangles)


if it is then you use 

half* base*height   to get the area of each triangle, and there are 4 of them

and also there is the base so you have to find the area of the square.


Then you add them all together :)

 Feb 26, 2019

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