What is the complex number  z=−3+3√3i represented in polar form?


Enter your answer by filling in the boxes. Enter the angle measure as the smallest positive angle in simplified form and any radicals in simplified form.


z= __cis(___)

 May 6, 2020

What is the complex number  z=−3+3√3i represented in polar form?


 May 6, 2020

I suppose you realize guest that you are doing all this kids assignment for them.


I know it is tempting when questions are of interest.

And I know I have been guilty of it myself at times.

But this kid has asked one question after another and you have given wonderful full answers to them all.

It is not your assignment.  Are you sure you are 'helping' this kid?

 May 6, 2020
edited by Melody  May 6, 2020

Yeah guest is helping phoquee.


Guest wants to help phoquee learn, but unfortunately, guest is unaware that guest is helping phoquee cheat.


I'd strongly recommend melody's post on "Is there anything you should consider before answering a post?" It's in sticky topics go read it.

hugomimihu  May 6, 2020

You do realize anyone who posts on this forum is 'cheating' considering people ask full question and 9 times out of 10 recieve full answers. I'm sure you've totally never cheated on something in your entire life lighten up mate - not to mention I would be totally fine with someone just giving me steps to solve it since learning on a computer is hard for me and that's what it's come to. 

phoquee  May 7, 2020

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