While snowstorms in Middle Town, USA routinely leave up to 5 feet of snow on the ground, the first winter snowstorm deposits, on average, 18.7 inches of snow. According to the public works department, the snow removal rate is directly proportional to the number of inches of fallen snow. For the town’s fleet of snowplows to clear all the roads after a storm leaving 10 inches of fresh snow on the ground it takes 25 minutes. It takes one hour to clear the town’s roads of 24 inches of freshly fallen snow. If the rate of snow removal remains constant, how many minutes will it take to clear all the roads in the town after the first winter snowstorm, assuming it deposits 18.7 inches of snow? Express your answer to the nearest minute.

After each snowstorm in Big City, USA, plows remove snow from 762 lane miles of road, which is equivalent to about 48,000,000 square feet. The snowfall total was 34.2 inches in Big City, USA last winter. Suppose every snowfall evenly blanketed all road surfaces. How many cubic feet of snow were plowed last winter in Big City, USA?

Now suppose that 1 cubic foot of snow weighs about 15 pounds. Based on this information and the last problem, approximately how many tons of snow were plowed in Big City, USA last winter?

Twin brothers, Kenny and Isaiah, live in Small Town, USA where it snows an average of 55 days each winter. They take turns shoveling the walkway after each snowfall. Kenny can shovel the walkway in 22 minutes, while it takes Isaiah only 14 minutes to shovel the same walkway. How many minutes will it take to shovel the walkway if they work together? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth.

 Dec 10, 2021

8.6 rounded 9 minutes

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