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f(x) is less than g(x) on the interval (-2,2)


the maximum value of g(x) is greater than the maximum value of f(x)


g(x) has the same x intercepts as f(x)


f(x) has a greater y intercept than g(x).

 Apr 10, 2019

First one : False

Second one    g(x) max is 5   f(x) max is 2

Third one :    g(x) x-intercept s   -2 and 2     f(x) x-intercepts  -2 and 2

Fourth one:   g(x)  y intercept (where x=0) is -4     f(x) where x= 0 is 2

 Apr 10, 2019

Awsome Job EP 

Nickolas  Apr 10, 2019

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